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Dealing with covid-19

As many of you know, the hospitality industry has undergone a great deal since March 2020.  The spread of COVID-19 has greatly affected not only small businesses like ours but big businesses as well.  With that being said, we know how important it is to come together in a safe manner and celebrate all that life has to offer - whether that be a birthday, an anniversary, a marriage, or one of life's many other wonderful events.  We have done all that is necessary to ensure that we can continue to operate in these uncertain times.  Along with delivering a flawless, fun-filled event, the safety of our clients and staff is paramount.

All of our employees wear masks, gloves, and any other necessary protective articles.  Being that our events are fully customizable to best suit the needs of our clients, we often include them in the decision making when it comes to how they want their event to be executed (ie. passed hors d’oeuvres vs. stationary displays) all the while keeping current safety practices in place.

While we continue to navigate through these uncertain times, we would like to thank all our clients, both past, present, and future, for being so patient and understanding with us.  We have certainly had to adapt our events to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all in attendance, but we are beyond appreciative of those who allow us to get up and do what we love every day.

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