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                                                                                  DG Hospitality

                                                Personal Chef Services

          Did you ever think about what it would be like to have more time to yourself/with family and take one of the most daunting tasks of everyday life off your plate, feeding the family? Think about the time you spend:

  • Planning and writing a grocery list

  • Planning a weekly menu

  • Driving to and from the store

  • Shopping

  • Putting the groceries away

  • Preparing and cooking the meal

         DG Personal Chef Services solves this for you by proving affordable in-home meal solutions designed to fit your family’s eating habits and dietary needs. Imagine no shopping, no meal prep, and minimal cleanup. It is the perfect solution for families whose life is busy and just need a few more hours a day or week. With Covid-19 restrictions changing daily and life up in the air, the new “normal” is not so normal. With school sports kicking back up,   weekend dance lessons, social gatherings, and everyday life, who wants to deal with the everyday necessity of feeding the family.

The numbers and personal chef cost-effectiveness

          On average a family of 4 in the NY, NJ, CT area spends on average $475 per month per person or $1900 per month on groceries and in-home meals. Now factor in your time, the ancillary expenses (shopping, driving, and meal prep) another 15 hours per week on average. With a salary of $100,000 working 50 hours a week, that is an hourly rate of $38.50. Take your 15 hours multiply by $38.50 and that is another $577.50 worth of time lost just to at-home meals. On average the total cost of feeding the family per week has a total value of $1,000!

         DG Personal Chef services cuts that in half and in most cases by 60%. We handle the following:

  • Weekly Menu Design

  • Shopping for the groceries

  • Meal Preparation

  • Delivery

  • Heating and serving instructions


         Our service is truly heat and serve; your home cooked meal is ready in under 15 minutes for    most meals*

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